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Maja Štamol is a Slovenian fashion designer who has been successfully building her fashion story since 2004 and creates noticeable clothing styles.

She pays much attention to materials and designs, but it is the details that give her creations a unique and characteristic look.

She has taken part in numerous fashion competitions, exhibitions, costume designs, fashion shows, fashion weeks at home and abroad and has also been awarded for her work.

Her creations regularly appear on the red carpet.

Maja introduced her creations at EXPO in Milan, yet one of her most successful presentations of her work was at the fashion show ‘Fashion Night Ignites – The Secret Language of Diplomacy’ in Washington.

In past years she made two collections a year.

The current fashion trends and the combinations that are created in her studio allow wearing most of the creations throughout the year and thus she takes important steps towards sustainable fashion. As she truly cares about nature, the designer has recently decided to release only one collection a year.

She is one of few designers in Slovenia, who together with her team produces unique garments tailored to individual needs. She makes casual, everyday wear as well more formal creations, like wedding dresses and evening dresses. As a freelance designer, she collaborated with a well-known Slovenian company that has 130-year tradition of making shoe wear: Kopitarna Sevnica.

Her creativity has no limits. In recent times she has been paying special attention to creating fashion accessories as well as learning goldsmith skills.

A woman who wears her creations is future oriented, appreciates quality, uniqueness, follows the style of the designer and values handmade garments.

Maja’s creations are timeless.


Atelje za oblikovanje oblačil
Maja Štamol
Šlandrov trg 24
3310 Žalec
SI 37645544
T: +386 41 707 820
E: maja.stamol@gmail.com

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The first time I ‘nearly’ became a mother was at the age of 22 … I say ‘nearly’ because Mother Nature sensed my lack of readiness and finished the story in its own way.

I really desired to be a mum a few years later. Probably because my female friends and peers were becoming mums. I still don’t know if I was ready at that time, or I just liked the idea of pushing a pram in the public and taking coffee breaks with other mums.

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